The Road goes ever on and on; Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone; And I must follow, if I can;
Pursuing it with eager feet; Until it joins some larger way;
Where many paths and errands met; And whither then? I cannot say.

[JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings]

Thursday 22 February 2018

Eleventh Bloggiversary!

I’m sure that everyone of my age or older often finds themselves wondering about the speed of the passage of time, perhaps even finding themselves uttering words along the lines of “Doesn’t time fly!” with disturbing regularity.

By way of example, about eighteen months ago, Mick & I went to Florida to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, yet somehow the numbers on the calendar tell us that it’s our fifteenth this year. About five years ago we walked LEJOG, except that those pesky numbers on the calendar tell us that it’s actually ten years ago this April that we set out*.

And apparently, it was eleven years ago today that I first put fingers to keyboard on this blog.

It has been rather quiet around here as late, but hopefully we will do some stuff relevant to this blog (as opposed to our other blog at, which was much more active than this one last year) sometime soon.

In the meantime I had good intentions of throwing some photos into this post illustrating what I’ve been up to whilst not getting out walking, but I can no longer use Open Live Writer on my laptop, and I’m feeling too lazy to transfer these words to, and fiddle with photos on, my phone to use Bloggeroid to create the post. Anyone familiar with Blogger will likely understand why I’m not even considering creating a post within Blogger itself.

(*I gave serious consideration to re-walking LEJOG this year in celebration of that tenth anniversary, and revisted the thought many times. Eventually I decided against for many, and varied, reasons.)  


  1. Aye, time flies I'm afraid....and as more time passes, the time flies even faster.

  2. Blooming Heck!
    There are still a few of us left from the original cast of outdoor bloggers knocking about these days.

    Well done, you; it takes bloody mindedness and grit to start tapping away again after you have left it alone for a while.
    I've noticed a few springing back to life recently after dormant periods.

    I uses ordinary Blogger to use on my mobile for the occasional out and about post - not the stripped down version for phones, but the full-fat computer version. It works well. And you can tuck photos wherever you like at whatever size you like, just like you would on your machine at home.

  3. I recently wrote about repeating routes saying that at my age I wanted to take every opportunity of seeing new venues rather than repeating old ones. BUT, I'm sure if you repeated the LEJOG it would follow a different route so why not? The route that I did from The Broads to the Lakes (should have been Lowestoft to St. Bees Head) was worthwhile with a good mixture of Broads, east coast, North Yorkshire Moors and Lakeland.

  4. Well done Gayle. How time flies.
    Time for another adventure soon?

    It's a shame the blogging software seems to have deteriorated over the years though, with the Blogger product being really difficult to use (perhaps I need a lesson from Alan) and WLW's successor (Open Live Writer) being rather flaky due to conflicts between Google and Microsoft.

    We are at home for most of March. Hope to see you.

  5. Eek! Have to apologise, I simply have not been paying attention. I still have read up your last few adventures, (or James Boulter's, or Martin, or Chrissie, or Pieman, oh goodness I am such a bad person) but Happy Anniversary!!

    1. Goodness, don't even try to catch up with my witterings! Just have a flick through some of the pretty photos from Norway last July and call the job a good-un.

  6. I must still be in the Dark Ages! I have a Blogger blog and post to it on an iPhone by sending an email with a header and text. Does anyone have something rather more sophisticated to recommend, preferably free?

    1. The only reason I use Bloggeroid rather than email these days is that it allows me to put photos where I choose, and thus I can caption them.

      I'm afraid I don't know what the equivalent App is for an iPhone, but I think that Alan Rayner can probably help.

  7. That's still how I do mobile blogging Geoff, albeit using an Android phone. Pictures all come at the top of the posting. It would be useful to know how Alan Sloman manages to 'intersperse' his pictures.

    1. All of my posts, except for this one, since at least early last year (including daily posts on have all been posted via my Android phone, and all have photos exactly where I want them by using the Bloggeroid App.

  8. So it's Bloggeroid. I did try that and didn't get on with it. Must try again perhaps.
    Thanks Gayle