The Road goes ever on and on; Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone; And I must follow, if I can;
Pursuing it with eager feet; Until it joins some larger way;
Where many paths and errands met; And whither then? I cannot say.

[JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings]

Thursday 27 March 2008

Random Thoughts of the Day

Dehydrated Risotto: It works!
A couple of weeks ago I dehydrated three hearty servings of risotto.

I had some misgivings in so doing. My only previous rice-based-dish dehydrating experience was with a biriyani (sp?) that we’d saved until the last night of a six-day trip. That last night was spent a five mile round trip from the nearest eatery. By the time we came to find that the biriyani had transformed itself, in the dehydrating/rehydrating process, into something that tasted like burnt tyres, we had scant option but to eat it anyway. It rather put me off trying any other rice-based dish.

However, during the current dehydrating extravaganza, I seemed to recall that another Blogger had some time ago mentioned a risotto recipe for dehydrating purposes (my memory would have me believe that it was Bearded Git, but I could be wrong). It was enough to make me think that it was worthwhile giving it a go.

Not wanting to risk finding out that it was another burnt-tyre experience when a long way from alternative food sources, I rehydrated a portion tonight for my tea.

And what do you know? It tasted exactly like risotto. Three more portions will be cooked in the morning.

Husband’s Pack Weight

Husband’s pack weight reduced by 30g today. He’s never used the bladder sleeve in the back of his Osprey Atmos, storing his water instead in the gap between the frame and the back-mesh. So, today he took the scissors to his pack and removed that pocket. With the saving of 30g I tried to egg him on to reduce the length of the webbing on various straps, but to no avail.

Another Photographer

Another photo-session today with another photographer from another local newspaper. This one didn’t have a whole array of different ridiculous poses for us to adopt: it was just the single cheesy pose. Being a weekly paper, we now have a wait to see the result. Obviously, I’ll vet it before I post a link!

Piling on the Pressure

Organising a big holiday, like say a 1252-mile walk through the length of the country, really shouldn’t be stressful. I’ve been planning for about a year now, so the last couple of weeks should theoretically be the relaxed last few preparations.

What I wouldn’t recommend is trying very rapidly to complete the administration of an estate, sell a house, complete all the legal documentation to sell a house in your absence and finalise preparations for a big walk all at the same time (not to mention finding the time to Blog about it all too).

Thank goodness I don’t work too…

Crash Diet

I’ve been on a crash diet for the last few weeks. I’m desperately trying to gain a few pounds before we leave for Land’s End. Having always been on the skinny side of underweight, for many years I’ve struggled to get over 7 stone 9, which is undoubtedly far too light for my 5’5”. Believe me though, I do eat and I eat lots. Skinniness runs in my family and thus I blame genetics for my startling ability to lose weight.

Finally last year I managed to put on quite a few pounds and made it up to 8 stone 5 (visiting my mother every day with her endless supply of biscuits and cakes helped, then there was all the time sitting around in hospitals where it is scandalously difficult to buy anything remotely healthy to eat).

Alas, the good work of eating lots of bad food was undone when I started on my ‘LEJOG Training Kick’. Off the pounds started to come again.

I’m painfully aware of how important it’s going to be to maintain something approaching a sensible weight for the next three and a bit months. To that end I’m making a big effort to eat monumental amounts. However, despite all the cakes, chocolate and flapjacks in addition to 'proper' food, my weight is stubbornly staying at 8 stone 2. I fear that I’m not going to reach my target of gaining another 5 pounds before the off.


  1. Beer and crisps and lots of them!

  2. Melt some Wensleydale over those crips and have another cuple of beers.

    Heaven. sigh... I shall have to go for a big walk again...