The Road goes ever on and on; Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone; And I must follow, if I can;
Pursuing it with eager feet; Until it joins some larger way;
Where many paths and errands met; And whither then? I cannot say.

[JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings]

Friday 28 January 2011

Should Have Said…

A week and a bit ago we got an email from Roger Smith saying that we had made our way up to places 5 & 6 on the TGO Challenge stand-by list.

Later the same day we were up to 2 & 3.

On Tuesday this week the email arrived to confirm our places.

As I said when we found ourselves on the stand-by list to start with, it’s a strange thing to be willing a place to come up yet feeling sorry for those finding themselves in unfortunate circumstances causing them to have to withdraw. We are, however, undeniably pleased to have it confirmed that having walked our East to West, we will also be having a sociable time walking across Scotland.

As optimistic as I was that our places would come, the route sheet was already filled out. All I’d omitted to do was to run it past Mick, so today I walked into town (via the high-level* route) to the main library to borrow maps so that I can show Mick the big picture of what I’m proposing (I’d already been and sat in the library myself to pore over the big maps – an excellent way to lose a chunk of the day). Next week we will submit our route.

(*the high-level route accumulates a whole 450 feet of ascent, over 7.5 miles, you know! Positively dizzying…)



  1. Are we in? Where are we going?

  2. Excellent stuff! Can't wait to meet you both. Just don't forget to let us in on the big secret, what's your route?!

  3. Maps have been spread over the floor and Mick approves of the route.

    More details to follow when a vetter has confirmed that I've not done anything too silly with it!

  4. Great news Gayle. I look forward to your TGO blog. This week we had our K2B team accepted. Over-subscribed on the first day, so I know the feeling of being pleased to be in but sorry for those unable to make the cut. Will keep u and Mick posted as the walk gets closer. Have a good entry this year including me, Steve and Andy Langman.

  5. Splendid news Gayle - I'm delighted for you both!

    What was your original position on the waiting list? I was No11, gaining my place on the Challenge a couple of weeks ago.


  6. Congratulations! That mwans I must be VERY close to getting on now!!!


  7. I thought Mick was supposed to propose ;-)


  8. Mike - excellent news that the Ultra team got a place, so no need for you & Steve to gatecrash a BAES or RR team! We'll have to meet up for some training walks on the Chase. Did just shy of 17 miles over there today.

    JJ - We started as 21 and 22 - so we rattled up through the numbers pretty quickly.

    David - If memory serves you were only a place or two behind us on the standby list, so hopefully you'll get positive news this week.

    Theo - well spotted! You're not wrong. As it went the tally of TGOC routes planned for 2011 was: me - 2; Mick - 0 (he is sprawled on the floor checking my route sheet against the maps as I type, though).

  9. I was 23 so must be 1 now - very exciting!!!

    Will look forward to pre-Challenge walk blog!

  10. Oops! Posted on your blog before letting Steve know!

  11. Oh good!

    Will Mick be allowed attendance at the Braemar Bash? The Lochcallater Lodge Lounge? The Mason's Mooch? or the North Water Bridge Boogie?

    Spill the beans! Let's see the route!