The Road goes ever on and on; Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone; And I must follow, if I can;
Pursuing it with eager feet; Until it joins some larger way;
Where many paths and errands met; And whither then? I cannot say.

[JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings]

Monday, 14 January 2013

LEJOG Toileting Reference Causes Trip Down Memory Lane

Whilst Mick was playing with the Monster Spread Sheet over the weekend, I (in amongst many other things) had a quick peek at my blog stats for the last month, on Google Analytics. It’s not often that I pop over there, but when I do I find that the most interesting table of information is the search terms that led people to visit this blog.

The majority of people were either clearly looking to come here (e.g. by Googling ‘Mick & Gayle’) or were looking for gear reviews on some item that I have mentioned at some point or were looking for information about walks between two places where we happen to have walked.

However, the search that really caught my attention this time was this one (and I quote verbatim, including quotation marks):

LEJOG “needed a poo”

After my mind had boggled as to what it might have been that they were actually looking for, my mind boggled some more as to how that search term had led them here.

There was only one thing for it: I Googled it myself.

No exact match, was the initial result, but of the suggested pages that came up, I was the second in the list, and this is the text that was shown in the search result:

3 Jul 2009 – Because of not having the charger I was aware of the need to make the ... and drink pints of wonder the poo shovel went missing!

Well, this got more and more curious! Whatever had I been talking about on 3 July 2009?!

I clicked on through to find out (as you can do, just here). It turned out to be innocuous, and most of the text shown on the Google search was actually contained in a comment left by Martin, referring to a couple of photos and their captions. Having established that, it became more than just a flying visit to the post in question, as the subject of the post was our LEJOG photos and it has been a long time since I looked at them.

So, with a blast from the past, I watched the slide show and reminded myself what a fantastic trip that was.

There are so many new places on the list for us to visit, but once again, having looked at those photos, I find myself with my feet itching to nip straight out (okay, maybe not tonight; it’s a bit nippy out there just now) and walk LEJOG again…


  1. That would be good indeed. It is blogged, you are committed.

    And for the best of reasons - someone needing a poo!

    x Toadie

    1. Whenever we do a long walk it's guaranteed that on quite a few occasions we will get chatting to someone, they'll ask where we're walking, we'll tell them and they'll ask "Why?". I'm sure we'd be considered more than a little mad if we gave that answer!

      As you rightly say, it's a pretty good reason to set out on a long walk (or, at least, as good any I've ever come up with!)

  2. Replies
    1. Is that on the 'after the children can fend for themselves' list? Have you got a route planned yet? (I know how you like to have routes at the ready ;-))

    2. Ha! According to TTS "When you have a job and have saved up." which ain't never gonna happen!
      I haven't planned a route yet. Well. Not an entire one. I have a vague idea what I'd do through Scotland, but nothing on paper. Or on the hard drive.

    3. We'll be your trail angels. Go on. You know you want to.

    4. That's not fair. You know I'm weak.
      I have no will power.
      Or patience.
      Oh dear.

  3. How odd...
    In the last few days I've been re-reading Charlie Lee's "8 points walk" and your LEJOG too...

    It gets under your skin. At the end you just *have* to scratch it.

    1. Did you have to mention '8 points'?

  4. That itch never goes away does it!
    If I wiped out my finances I can afford a return jogle ....... tempting tempting!!!!

    1. The problem is that, as well as fancying another LEJOG (definitely LEJOG in my case, not JOGLE), my favourite of the UK long walks was the East to West. Daren't go and look at those photos now, or I will be planning that 8-points walk that Alan just mentioned!

    2. Nope, definitely the Kent to Cape Wrath.

    3. Really? Kent to Cape Wrath? Even with all those days of canal walking?

    4. I've just treated myself to memory map with full uk 1-50,000 for pc and android (in my case) £60 if you buy online pretending to be upgrading from another os package!! ;)
      so inevitably i've started plotting my Jogle!!
      wont be this year, probably late summer next year, i think the itch to head off again will only end when i need new knees!! lol
      such a great time in 2010......hmmn cant wait!

  5. Replies
    1. Ooooh, where abouts on the list is it? Near the top?

  6. In a post a month or two back I mentioned meeting some hound trailing types in Long Sleddale and telling them my father had been Secretary of the Airedale Beagles many years ago, which was true.

    Recently my blog has been hit by somebody inputting "Airedale Beagle Hunt Saboteurs", so I think I had better go to ground.

    Signed - The Old Fox.

    1. [looks around, but can't see a fox. Must have gone to ground...]

  7. The funniest Google search query my walking website used to get was:

    "wife swapping Wiltshire".

    It took me ages to work out why that search query was coming to me... :-)

    1. You did know that I'd have to Google that too, didn't you? (All down to some posts you made in November 2010 - see I really did have to look to see why you were talking about wife swapping in Wiltshire!)

  8. It's amazing what triggers the re-reading of past glories!
    Pleased to be of assistance.

    1. Your comment couldn't have been better worded to create such spurious set of words, so unrelated to the subject of the blog, in the search results. Bet the searcher was disappointed in what they found when they clicked through!

  9. I will have to check occasionally to see if i get anything of interest.

    Kent to the Cape now that sounds interesting.