The Road goes ever on and on; Down from the door where it began;
Now far ahead the Road has gone; And I must follow, if I can;
Pursuing it with eager feet; Until it joins some larger way;
Where many paths and errands met; And whither then? I cannot say.

[JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings]

Friday, 21 October 2011

By Withins Height

We're sitting here trying to remember the gist of the story of Cathy and Heathcliffe* and failing miserably.

The far-reaching views are serving to distract us from our poor knowledge of classic English literature. Having not pitched until gone sundown (because that's when we arrived, not because we waited for dark), as I type this the view has become one of a sea of twinkling street lights.

It's not a bad place to be on a Friday night and it wasn't a bad walk to get here. More to follow after we get home.

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